Decimation of Middle East Christians a threat to peace

Exodus leaves a region dominated by Islam, whose rival sects often clash … [Read more...]

Eager for their own exodus, Ethiopian Jews prepare world’s largest Seder

It takes a village to bake matza for 50,000 in Gondar … [Read more...]

Israel marks exodus of Jews from Muslim Middle East

850,000 Jews fled Muslim countries in 1930s-50s … [Read more...]

Yemen’s last Jews eye exodus after Islamist Houthi militia takeover

Motto: ‘Death to America, death to Israel, curse the Jews’ … [Read more...]

Egypt: ‘Exodus’ banned for ‘racist’ portrayal of Jews

Because film portrays Jews as leading rebellion and not weaklings … [Read more...]

From exodus to exodus, Iraqi Christians seek new home

Fleeing jihadists, ponder future from refuge in Jordan, Kurdistan … [Read more...]

Beyond exodus: Christian faith and the American Revolution

The American Revolution was very much a holy and just religious war … [Read more...]

Persecution of Christians getting worse

Worldwide exodus of Christians imperils Christianity … [Read more...]

WEA makes call for help for Syrian Christians; 2.3m Christians flee Syria in mass exodus

Christians are killed and tortured while their women are raped and their churches destroyed … [Read more...]

The Exodus enigma

We can say there was one period in Egyptian history when Exodus could have taken place … [Read more...]

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