Terrorist Abbas said ‘executed’ by Israel shown alive in hospital

Doctors say Ahmad Manasra, 13, to be discharged in coming days … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia executed 175 in past year, watchdog finds

Adultery, apostasy, witchcraft punishable by death, mostly by beheading … [Read more...]

Pakistan hangs Christian man tortured into confessing to triple murder at age 15

Executed despite being sentenced to death when he was a child … [Read more...]

Islamists kidnap 13 Egyptian Christians in Libya

Seven Copts found executed on Libyan beach last February … [Read more...]

Sudanese mother ‘should be executed,’ her brother says

Turned Christian sister in because family are ‘Muslim people’ … [Read more...]

Pregnant woman in Sudan could be executed for ‘apostasy’

Accused of converting from Islam because her father was Muslim … [Read more...]

Five Nigerian Christians forced from vehicle, executed by Islamists

All were members of a Church of Christ in Nations congregation … [Read more...]

Israel reportedly searching for remains of Six Day War spy Eli Cohen in Syria

Secret talks said held with Syrian rebels to secure remains of executed master spy … [Read more...]

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