Messiah almost here and Orthodox Jews, Evangelicals know it, pastor says

But there may be some theological differences about who the messiah is … [Read more...]

In God’s country

Evangelicals view Trump as their protector. Will they stand by him in 2020? … [Read more...]

Guatemala’s leaders join Jews, Christians in Israel embrace

'Moment of history' as President Morales, Evangelicals join in … [Read more...]

Christian friends embrace Jerusalem

Evangelicals have become a dominant force of global support for Israel … [Read more...]

Southern Baptist pastor Huckabee hopes to reach more than just evangelicals

‘Washington is beholden to the donor class who fills campaign coffers … [Read more...]

What (really) motivates Evangelicals?

While keeping their faith, they stand with Israel and the Jewish people … [Read more...]

Rivlin thanks Evangelicals for support of Israel at Feast of Tabernacles

Lauder decries silence at persecution of Christians in Middle East … [Read more...]

Evangelicals, the millennial generation and Israel

Is evangelical support for Israel waning among the ‘millennials’? … [Read more...]

Evangelicals speak of generational shift toward Palestinians

Christian Zionists need a new ethos to win battle over young congregants … [Read more...]

A real cause for Christian outrage

Believers worldwide are dying for their faith—where are the evangelicals? … [Read more...]

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