Evangelical Christians, Muslims disagree politically, but willing to dialogue

Only 12% of Muslims voted for Trump, while 56% of Evangelicals did … [Read more...]

Evangelical Christians see Trump as ‘man of God’

Major leaders defend Trump and see him as an ally in the culture wars … [Read more...]

Are Evangelical Christians anti-Palestinian?

To the contrary, Scripture teaches us to love both Arabs and Jews … [Read more...]

Jewish media company puts biblical spin on news for evangelical Christians

Breaking Israel News taps into market for stories of prophecy in Holy Land … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Evangelical Christians are Israel’s best friends

In address to CUFI, PM makes dig at Trump delay in moving embassy … [Read more...]

Orthodox Jews, Evangelical Christians expect Trump to fulfill campaign pledge

Hagee: ‘Trump’s promise crucial to millions of Christian Zionist voters’ … [Read more...]

New poll reveals Evangelical Christians fuel Republican support for Israel

Emphasize the values and democratic principles shared by the US and Israel … [Read more...]

Hundreds of Evangelical Christians cheer Israel at Washington rally

Right-wing A-list backs ISIS-Hamas comparison … [Read more...]

Israel’s grip on evangelical Christians loosens

Younger generation open to Palestinian side of conflict … [Read more...]

Understanding the Evangelical Christian’s support for Israel

Support is an outworking of social responsibility under international law and human rights … [Read more...]

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