Netanyahu reveals secret Iranian nuclear warehouse in UN speech

Says Israel knows location of Hezbollah missiles, slams EU ‘coddling’ Iran … [Read more...]

Germany, EU, UN slam Abbas for ‘unacceptable antisemitic’ speech

German FM denounces 'history lesson,' asserts responsibility for Holocaust … [Read more...]

EU warns viability of ‘Palestine’ is being ‘constantly eroded’

Mogherini: Europeans and Arabs share ‘common Holy City, Jerusalem' … [Read more...]

Ban Hezbollah

The EU must distinguish between Islamists and the majority of Muslims … [Read more...]

Netanyahu tells EU to stop ‘spoiling’ the Palestinians

Says unlike EU, Trump told Palestinians the truth about Jerusalem … [Read more...]

EU slams ‘reprehensible’ Hamas praise for Har Adar terrorist attack

US envoy says 'shame on Hamas' for praising murders … [Read more...]

Israel said in talks with Egypt, EU in bid to avert Gaza electricity crisis

PM calls matter an ‘internal Palestinian dispute’ between Hamas, PA … [Read more...]

Abbas urges world leaders to prevent US Embassy move to Jerusalem

Sends letters to leaders of France, Germany, Britain, China, Russia, EU … [Read more...]

EU declares Israel boycott protected as free speech

But Mogherini ‘rejects the BDS campaign’s attempts to isolate Israel’ … [Read more...]

BDS activists demand EU withdraw support from Israeli-run water conference

WATEC conference slated to take place from September 21-23 in Venice … [Read more...]

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