Turkey’s Erdogan—an autocratic, Islamist bigot

He pretends to be a role model for an enlightened ‘democratic’ Islam … [Read more...]

Report: Jews are leaving Turkey in growing numbers

Young people emigrating due to anti-Semitism bred by Erdogan’s rhetoric … [Read more...]

Report: Turkey blows cover of Israeli spy network in Iran

Erdogan disclosed to Iran identity of 10 Iranians spying for Israel … [Read more...]

Erdogan uses Christian seminary as chip in talks with Greece

His ‘democratization’ bargains religious freedom for inalienable rights … [Read more...]

Greek envoy: Despite apology, Turkey blocking Israel-NATO cooperation

‘Even if Erdogan is an anti-Semite, he should keep it to himself’ … [Read more...]

US, Egypt pan Turkish PM for saying Israel ousted Morsi

Erdogan bases claim on 2011 statement by a French intellectual … [Read more...]

Erdogan: Israel orchestrated Morsi overthrow, Egypt unrest

Turkish premier says he has ‘evidence’ Israel is behind Egypt crisis … [Read more...]

Egypt nixes Turkish prime minister’s visit to Gaza Strip

Erdogan denied access to Hamas-controlled territory due to his support of Muslim Brotherhood … [Read more...]

As Egypt burns, Erdogan still talks about visit to Gaza

Turkish prime minister remains non-committal on possible visit … [Read more...]

Erdogan: Israeli strikes in Syria unjustified

Turkish prime minister says alleged Israeli strikes allow Assad to cover up his genocide … [Read more...]

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