As Turkish influence grows in east Jerusalem, Arabs said to urge Israel to act

Jordan, Saudi Arabia, PA to ensure Erdogan doesn't claim stake in capital … [Read more...]

Erdogan: You are a terrorist, Netanyahu: You are a butcher

Leaders step up war of words: ‘Get used to it’ … [Read more...]

Abbas says no future US role in peace process, threatens to void past agreements

Erdogan: Arabs should declare east Jerusalem Palestinian capital … [Read more...]

Erdogan: ‘Zionist’ Trump has taken himself out of peace role

Turkish leader says Jerusalem a 'redline,' calls for new mediator … [Read more...]

PM says Erdogan bombs villages and helps terrorists ‘kill innocent people’

Turkish president calls Israel a 'terror state' that 'kills children' … [Read more...]

Erdogan lashes out at Israel over muezzin bill, US Embassy move

Turkish president condemns ‘the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians’ … [Read more...]

Turkey names new ambassador to Israel, closing in on full renewal of ties

Erdogan announces envoy day after Israel picks its ambassador to Ankara … [Read more...]

Erdogan blasts Gaza flotilla that sparked crisis with Israel

Turkish leader says ships did not seek his permission to set sail … [Read more...]

Erdogan pounds Netanyahu for ‘daring’ to attend Paris rally

Turkish leader accuses Israeli PM of ‘state terrorism’ against Palestinians … [Read more...]

Erdogan to Israel: Lift Gaza siege or no reconciliation

Counters foreign minister’s declaration that Turkey and Israel are closer … [Read more...]

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