Top minister: Reconciliation with ‘antisemite’ Erdogan may have been a mistake

Erdan says perhaps 2016 detente should not have been approved … [Read more...]

Erdan: Make Palestinians pay for refusing to make peace

‘Trump presidency a historic opportunity to say the Land of Israel is ours’ … [Read more...]

Cabinet approves multi-billion shekel plan to fight crime in Arab sector

Erdan: An historic decision that will create equality in service and law … [Read more...]

Israel defends police who repeatedly shot fallen Palestinian stabber

Shown by Al-Jazeera; Erdan: It’s impossible to second-guess their actions … [Read more...]

Dropped top cop candidate blasts ‘mudslinging’ as nomination revoked

Hirsch lauds Netanyahu and Erdan’s support, questions public’s values … [Read more...]

Erdan: Criticizing coalition response to Jerusalem violence helps our enemies

Opposition MKs say shooting rock-throwers will spark further escalation … [Read more...]

Hail to the chief

Hirsch is the new broom that Erdan hopes will sweep clean the Israel Police … [Read more...]

Ex-IDF general Hirsch appointed Israel Police commissioner

Erdan: Best candidate to make needed changes, restore trust … [Read more...]

Erdan: Enemies have 200,000 rockets and missiles pointed at Israel

New program to protect 30% of Israel’s population from such attacks … [Read more...]

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