Court revokes Arab-won housing tenders in Afula

Coordination of 48 Arab families violated bidding rules, ‘damaged equality’ … [Read more...]

Reform and Conservative leaders push Israeli president for equal rights

Non-Orthodox demand equality on marriage, divorce, conversion and worship … [Read more...]

Demonstrators demand equality as Christian schools in Israel remain shut

Archbishop George Bacouni: We want our rights, we want equality … [Read more...]

Jerusalem gay pride parade victim laid to rest as thousands mourn

President Rivlin: Shira believed in tolerance, equality, hope, and love … [Read more...]

Amid independence festivities, Arabs mark Nakba

Arab MK claims Israeli-Arab torchlighter sends false message of equality … [Read more...]

‘If it is not good for us, it is not good for the Jews in the Negev’

Joint List group completes 130 km. Jerusalem march calling for equality … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Justice Salim Jabraun: There is no equality for Arabs in Israel

Calls for dialogue between community leaders and coexistence projects … [Read more...]

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