Iraqi Christians see need for government free of sectarianism

Election a chance to end sectarianism that has torn country apart … [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s big election bluff?

Does the PM really want an election in order to block his criminal probes? … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: ‘Jerusalem and Temple Mount problem is insoluble’

PM apologizes for perceived anti-Arab comments made during the election … [Read more...]

Israel chose Bibi over Barack

His clear win shows election was equally a referendum on Barack Obama … [Read more...]

Bibi’s gamble

If Netanyahu reelected, we won’t have to worry about a White House invite … [Read more...]

Election puts spotlight on increasingly vocal Israeli Christian community

As Israel’s Christian population grows, it weighs which side to vote for … [Read more...]

Leading Catholic clerics in Israel urge citizens to vote in coming election

Christian candidate says voting for Arab list like voting for Islamic State … [Read more...]

Arab parties reach historic deal, band together for upcoming election

Raising electoral threshold to 3.25 percent of vote forces parties to unite … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Democracy always wins over dictatorship

PM addresses Likud after primary, slams party lists not chosen by election … [Read more...]

For Israeli politicians, poverty is someone else’s problem

Two major reports have brought the economy back into the election … [Read more...]

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