Egyptian Christians warned to ‘leave or die’ as 40 Copts killed in last 3 months

Coptic bishop decries escalating violence … [Read more...]

Fearing terrorism, Egyptian Christians flee Sinai for fourth day

Over 100 families from el-Arish move to Ismailia due to Islamic State affiliates … [Read more...]

Egyptian Christians fear backlash from Trump’s anti-Muslim policies

Extremists accuse Copts of being affiliated with the US … [Read more...]

Libya: where Egyptian Christians risk everything

Families have learned to live in a country that hates them … [Read more...]

Egyptian Christians demand equal rights in rare protest

Some three dozen demonstrators brave Egypt's protest ban … [Read more...]

Egyptian Christians feel like second-class citizens amid persecution

‘We feel compelled to apologize for being Coptic Christians’ … [Read more...]

Egyptian Christians look to new law to end discrimination

Aims to even the ground on building permits between Muslims and Copts … [Read more...]

Egyptian Christians face kidnappings, extortion

Mounting concern about increased anti-Christian violence … [Read more...]

Sad Christmas for families of Egyptian Christians kidnapped in Libya

No news of four Coptic Christians taken off bus on way home … [Read more...]

Egypt jails Christians for ‘blasphemy’ and ‘disturbing the peace’

‘Blasphemy’ = Facebook; ‘disturbing’ = decrying violence   … [Read more...]

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