High Court: Edelstein undermining democracy, must hold speaker vote by Wednesday

If Edelstein says no again, Israel will be in constitutional crisis … [Read more...]

Yuli vs Bibi: Edelstein caught on tape badmouthing Netanyahu, Likud MKs

Openly critical of PM and party in secret recordings from closed meeting … [Read more...]

MKs submit Ma’aleh Adumim annexation bill

Edelstein: Hesitation only delays peace; we will reverse the trend … [Read more...]

Germany announces support for EU labeling of settlement products

Edelstein: Policy is unfortunate, most Israelis think it is very unwise … [Read more...]

Knesset speaker announces Israel to elect new president on June 10

A week before election, Edelstein will announce the candidates … [Read more...]

Knesset speaker says ‘non’ to French president

Edelstein irked as Hollande to address students instead of Knesset … [Read more...]

Russian Orthodox patriarch meets Edelstein

Kirill in Israel as part of a world tour promoting his book, to visit various Christian sites … [Read more...]

Settlers evicted from disputed Hebron building

HEBRON (JWN)—In a surprise operation on Wednesday afternoon, a contingent of some 150 Border Police SWAT team officers peacefully evicted the 15 settler families who had illegally occupied a Hebron … [Read more...]

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