Keeping the faith

Despite bombings, Egypt’s martyred Coptic Church celebrates Easter … [Read more...]

IDF to let Palestinian Christians into Jerusalem for Easter

Army’s holiday shutdown into effect amid heightened terrorism fears … [Read more...]

Easter in Jerusalem’s Old City draws international, tech-savvy crowd

Selfie sticks and go-pros fill the Church of the Holy Sephulchre … [Read more...]

Christians celebrate Holy Week around the world

From Spain to Jerusalem to Lebanon, Christians commemorating Easter … [Read more...]

Conservative Egyptian Islamist sect calls for boycotting Christian national holiday

Fatwa issued by a Muslim Brotherhood mufti prohibits congratulating Copts on Easter … [Read more...]

Egyptian Copts mark Easter under tight guard

Pope Tawadros II leads first mass amid increased attacks against ancient Christian sect … [Read more...]

Wary Easter weekend for Christians in Syria

Christians fear the general chaos of war, but also the rise of extremists among the Sunni rebels … [Read more...]

Mass pro-Palestinian ‘fly-in’ a bust as scores arrested, deported

BEN-GURION AIRPORT (JWN and agencies)—A total of 79 international pro-Palestinian activists were denied entry into Israel on Sunday and all but 31 were awaiting deportation Sunday night. Most of some … [Read more...]

Mexican town celebrates Easter with ‘burning of the Jews’

By NATHAN BURSTEIN (The Times of Israel) The world is full of charming Easter traditions, but this isn’t one of them. A newspaper in Mexico is detailing Sunday’s “burning of the Jews,” an annual … [Read more...]

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