Five members of ‘ISIS in Palestine’ sentenced to jail terms in plea bargain

Plotted terrorist attacks against Druse, security personnel, and others … [Read more...]

‘Druse no obstacle to ISIS reaching Israel’

Whbee: Syrian Druse need weapons to defend themselves … [Read more...]

Knesset salutes youth helping Syrian refugees

30 Jewish, Arab, and Druse teens volunteer to help Syrian refugees … [Read more...]

Likud MK pushes measure to legally differentiate Christian and Muslim Arabs

Says Christians asked for policy similar to that pertaining to Druse … [Read more...]

Police suspect racial slur prompted Western Wall killing

Court extends remand of Druse guard Hadi Kabalan after questioning version of Kotel shooting … [Read more...]

Druse MK wins prize for helping to preserve Hebrew

Kadima MK Akram Hasson is first non-Jew to win Golden Inkwell Word prize … [Read more...]

Worried about the Syria war, Golan Heights residents seek Israeli citizenship

People unsure of outcome in Syria want democracy for themselves … [Read more...]

Israel’s Christians have lowest fertility, highest job rate

JERUSALEM (JWN)—Israel’s Christian community numbers just about 155,000, or about 2 percent of the country’s population, but they stand out by their academic excellence and high employment. They also … [Read more...]

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