Anti-BDS activists decry Lutherans’ ‘obsession’ with Israel

Lutheran church scapegoats Israel and is moving toward divestment … [Read more...]

Open letter to my brothers and sisters at the Presbyterian General Assembly

Those who don’t agree with divestment make your voice heard … [Read more...]

Presbyterian mistake

Divestment means church has decided who is right in the conflict … [Read more...]

Israel’s boycott ‘warnings’ strengthen Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions movement

Warnings that Israel is about to drown in a BDS sea if peace process fails are counterproductive … [Read more...]

US religious group runs Israel boycott, divestment summer camp

American students learn anti-Israel tactics at Quaker-subsidized camp in upstate New York … [Read more...]

Presbyterians’ slim rejection of divestment unlikely to slow anti-Israel push

Pressure to force Israel out of West Bank seen increasing … [Read more...]

Jewish groups applaud Presbyterian vote against divestment

But decry ‘vehement anti-Israel sentiment’ during the debate … [Read more...]

US Presbyterian Church rejects divestment of companies in Israel

General Assembly votes down proposal to divest three major companies … [Read more...]

US pro-Israel groups urge Presbyterian Church to abandon Israel divestment

Caterpillar is one of the companies the church is proposing to divest from (Flash90). … [Read more...]

Presbyterian divestment push passes hurdle; general vote could come Thursday

Move to pull funds from Caterpillar, other firms doing business with (Flash90). … [Read more...]

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