7,000-year-old olive pits found in northern Israel show sophisticated irrigation

Archeologists say discovery begs reevaluation of ancient irrigation techniques … [Read more...]

1,600-year-old winery and Roman bathhouse unearthed in Jerusalem

Discovery paints a dynamic picture of Jerusalem as it was in ancient times … [Read more...]

Iran says it found vast quantities of uranium

Atomic czar says discovery leaves Tehran ‘confident’ regarding reserves … [Read more...]

Archeologists unearth the gate to Goliath’s hometown

Discovery sheds light on Gath’s status and influence in 10th century BCE … [Read more...]

Humans may first have learned to harness fire in Israel 350,000 years ago

Israeli researchers make discovery from material in cave near Haifa … [Read more...]

Mystery surrounds fisherman’s discovery of Apollo statue off Gaza

Hamas seizes 500kg. bronze statue of Greek god … [Read more...]

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