London, Berlin condemn Hezbollah tunnels, back Israeli border operation

Diplomats say Lebanese terrorist group shows ‘blatant disregard’ for UN … [Read more...]

Nine UN envoys view Jewish roots to Jerusalem on City of David tour

Diplomats see archaeological site believed to be home of biblical king … [Read more...]

Christian supporters of Israel plan to flood UNESCO with Bibles

To remind diplomats of Judaism and Christianity’s ties to Jerusalem … [Read more...]

Iran dissidents came to Israel to discuss nuke plan’s consequences

Iranian ministers, diplomats, activists and others came to Jewish state … [Read more...]

Diplomats hammer out deal for temporary Syria truce

To take effect in week, but Kerry admits commitment is only ‘on paper’ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu on Boston blast: Israel stands with US

Peres and Netanyahu begin addresses to foreign diplomats with condolences to US … [Read more...]

West has ‘hard evidence’ of Syria chemical weapons use

 Diplomats say chemical weapons used and ‘quite convincing’ evidence sent to UN's Ban … [Read more...]

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