Diaspora affairs

PM is now minister of Diaspora affairs, Defense, Health, and Social Affairs … [Read more...]

Security and defense: a port for Gaza?

Security experts discuss the risks and merits … [Read more...]

‘The best defense against Palestinian lawfare is offense’

Shurat Hadin is suing Abbas and Mashaal at the ICC, and others if need be … [Read more...]

Israel bolstering legal team ahead of UN Gaza probe

Jerusalem readies defense against possible war crimes charges … [Read more...]

US to deploy Patriot missile battery in Jordan

Move designed to ‘enhance defensive posture and capacity’ of the Hashemite Kingdom … [Read more...]

Hagel attempts to set the record straight on Iran, Israel

Obama’s defense pick says he supports sanctions — and maybe military action — against Tehran … [Read more...]

Barak in Washington to meet with key US officials

Defense minister to meet with leaders of the defense, intelligence establishments … [Read more...]

American evangelicals stand with Israel

Christian conservatives demand that Israel has the right to defend its citizens … [Read more...]

Syrian civil war boosts Israeli-US defense ties

Allies weighing action against Assad's chemical weapons … [Read more...]

Congress approves expanded military aid to Israel

Enhanced Security Cooperation Act awaits Obama's signature … [Read more...]

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