Defense minister demands rabbi who disparaged female troops resign

Threatens to cut support for Levinstein’s yeshiva if he doesn’t step down … [Read more...]

Liberman calls Bennett’s annexation talk damaging

Defense minister: Paris peace conference is the new Dreyfus Trial … [Read more...]

Liberman breaks Israel’s secrecy over Syria policy

Defense minister says Israel acts to prevent transfer of WMDs from Syria … [Read more...]

Liberman on Syria strikes: Israel keeping WMDs from Hezbollah

Defense minister tells EU ambassadors IAF active in Syria … [Read more...]

Liberman: Israel doesn’t want a Gaza war but would ‘destroy’ Hamas

Defense minister tells Palestinian media about two-state solution and Hamas … [Read more...]

Liberman unveils ‘carrot and stick’ policy to combat terrorism, weaken Abbas

Defense minister reveals plan to punish hometowns of terrorists … [Read more...]

Liberman bars PA liaison from Israel for ‘subversive’ behaviour

Defense minister does not detail exact offenses of Muhammad al-Madani … [Read more...]

Ya’alon to IDF brass: Army’s values under attack by ‘extremist minority’

Defense minister tells generals to speak out ‘courageously’ … [Read more...]

Defense minister castigates MKs backing soldier in Hebron killing

Ya’alon defends decision to hold soldier accountable for apparent killing … [Read more...]

Iran says more precise Emad ballistic missile coming

Defense minister: Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile system arriving soon … [Read more...]

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