Druze leaders, Netanyahu discuss agreement to end Nation-State row

Deal could resolve Druze and Jewish Israelis protests against law … [Read more...]

Despite Trump’s indifference, the two-state solution isn’t dead… yet

It’s still the two-state deal, and no other, that they’re not doing … [Read more...]

Settlement watchdog says each Amona family to get NIS 1 million

Deal sends message that ‘crime and threats pay,’ says Peace Now … [Read more...]

Amona residents take deal, avert forced evacuation

State will provide housing on adjacent plot for 24 of outpost’s 40 families … [Read more...]

What Netanyahu means when he talks about ‘ethnic cleansing’

He envisions a deal allowing settlers to stay put … [Read more...]

What is good for Israel?

Israeli unanimity exposes fallacy that deal could serve Israel’s interests … [Read more...]

Israel fears ‘major escalation’ by Iran-backed terrorist groups after deal

Accord boosts Iran's terrorist threat on Israel’s doorstep … [Read more...]

Netanyahu rebukes UK’s Hammond for ‘failure of diplomacy’ on Iran

UK foreign secretary says no deal would have been ‘welcomed in Tel Aviv’ … [Read more...]

Does this deal prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon?

A deal that delays Iran’s bomb is not a deal that prevents a bomb … [Read more...]

Israel: No prisoner swap for Gaza-held Israelis

Hostages won’t be included in deal for return of soldiers’ bodies … [Read more...]

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