Court orders ultra-Orthodox party to allow women to run for public office

Gives Agudath Israel deadline to include women on election slates … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Iran trying to squeeze more concessions as deadline looms

PM says deal being discussed is ‘fundamentally flawed’ … [Read more...]

Bennett ups his demands as PM’s coalition-building goes to the wire

With 24 hours to deadline, Jewish Home demands Justice Ministry … [Read more...]

Liberman resigning as foreign minister, says he’ll not join next coalition

Yisrael Beytenu boss announces ahead of Wednesday deadline … [Read more...]

Egypt on edge as protests persist, opposition deadline nears

Foreign minister resigns; Obama supports ‘peaceful transition’; mass protests continue … [Read more...]

Abbas threatens to dismantle PA if talks don’t start

PA minister for civilian affairs says Abbas giving Kerry until June 20 to revive the peace talks … [Read more...]

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