Syrian conflict takes aim at Armenian Christians

Damascus: Turkish massacre of Armenian Christians in 1915 was genocide … [Read more...]

Netanyahu, Putin talk Syria tensions as Iran threatens from Damascus

Liberman says Israel can deal with challenge of Iran in Syria … [Read more...]

‘PA President Mahmoud Abbas was a KGB agent in Damascus in ‘80s’

Said to operate for Soviets under code-name ‘Krotob’ -- the Mole … [Read more...]

IS abducts hundreds of Syrian factory workers

At least 200 missing after attack on a cement factory near Damascus … [Read more...]

Second IAF strike: Damascus says Israel strikes pro-Syrian Palestinian militia

Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine-General Command base hit … [Read more...]

US intel community worried over possible last-resort chemical attack by Assad

Damascus might act if it feels it has no way left to defend key strongholds … [Read more...]

Kerry’s ‘patience wearing thin’ on Syria’s ‘preponderance’ of chemical attacks

Washington assembling information implicating Damascus … [Read more...]

Syrian TV: Israeli jets strike military sites near Damascus

Speculation that missiles intended for Hezbollah were targeted … [Read more...]

Syrian opposition coaxing Islamists away from Israel border

FSA said persuading Al-Nusra to fight Assad nearer Damascus … [Read more...]

Syria reportedly kept ‘significant’ chemical weapons

IDF says Damascus still has combat-ready chemical arms … [Read more...]

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