Netanyahu urges calm in spat between ministers over Shabbat

PM seeks to avert crisis after Deri blasts Liberman’s Shabbat shopping … [Read more...]

Reasons the Temple Mount crisis did not explode

Crisis that began three weeks ago did not ignite a third intifada – for now … [Read more...]

Arab states sever land, sea and air routes to Qatar, sparking crisis

Airlines say they will end flights; Qataris stock up on supplies … [Read more...]

Averting crisis, coalition agrees to push outpost bill but leave out Amona

Jewish Home backs down after settlers promised plots on absentee land … [Read more...]

French envoy: Crisis has ‘nothing to do with Israel and the Palestinians’

‘Latest in a series of incidents that reflect rising anti-Semitism’ … [Read more...]

ISIS selling Christian women as sex slaves as terrorists overrun Qaraqosh

Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki blamed for crisis but refuses to resign … [Read more...]

Gaza economy in crisis, unemployment on the rise

Blockade choking Gaza economy, unemployment approaching 40% … [Read more...]

PA claims peace talks in ‘crisis’ as Abbas heads to meet Kerry in Paris

PA cabinet accuses Netanyahu of ‘inciting’ against Palestinians … [Read more...]

Food for the Hungry responds to Syria crisis as number of displaced surges

Christian organization providing food, shelter, household items in Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan … [Read more...]

Egypt army calls for national unity to end crisis

Muslim Brotherhood set to attend talks as thousands of demonstrators take to streets … [Read more...]

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