Muzzling the muezzin

Drafting a new law especially for mosques is counterproductive … [Read more...]

German official denies report on foreign policy shift toward Israel

Merkel: Building settlements on Palestinian land is counterproductive … [Read more...]

‘If Netanyahu accepts Arab Peace Initiative, Saudis will open an embassy in TA’

Saudi general opposes arming the Palestinians, calling it counterproductive … [Read more...]

US repudiates insult against Netanyahu as ‘counterproductive’

Official says calling PM ‘chickenshit’ isn’t administration’s view … [Read more...]

US accuses Abbas of ‘counterproductive’ UN speech

Abbas to seek specific timetable for Israeli withdrawal from West Bank … [Read more...]

Israel’s boycott ‘warnings’ strengthen Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions movement

Warnings that Israel is about to drown in a BDS sea if peace process fails are counterproductive … [Read more...]

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