Pope Francis accused of covering up sex abuse by former top Vatican official

Archbishop Viganò: ‘Corruption has reached the top of the Church’ … [Read more...]

How was Israeli ‘tycoon’ allowed to rack up $1.13b debt to the banks?

One word, say critics: Corruption … [Read more...]

Cash-strapped Hamas pays Gazans with land in former settlements

Fatah movement alleges corruption over move … [Read more...]

West Bank council head turns state’s witness in bribery case

Gershon Mesika exposes alleged corruption of ex-deputy minister … [Read more...]

Deputy Minister Faina Kirshenbaum among 30 suspected of corruption

Former minister and others allegedly embezzled public funds … [Read more...]

Former Fatah leader sues ‘tyrannical’ Abbas for corruption, intimidation

Using Israeli law firm, Mohammed Dahlan asks International Court to restore lost job and property … [Read more...]

Chief Rabbi Metzger released to five days’ house arrest on corruption charges

Metzger probed for bribery, money laundering; denies wrongdoing … [Read more...]

Hamas’s corruption

The corruption virus continues to infect governments across the Middle East … [Read more...]

Ex-PM Olmert acquitted of two main charges, guilty of breach of trust

Second trial in major bribery scandal still under way … [Read more...]

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