Egyptian novel explores Christians under controlling Church

Copts don’t always find comfort even in their own religious institutions … [Read more...]

Egypt’s Christian children face the dark realities of persecution

Copts live in perpetual state of marginalization and targeted violence … [Read more...]

Egyptian Christians at home and abroad

Copts closer to families than those in the diaspora and are more religious … [Read more...]

Egypt’s Christians ‘pay the cost’ during Islamic holiday

Copts experience a surge in persecution by Islamist hardliners … [Read more...]

Feast of Assumption of Mary celebrated in Egypt

Copts take prayers to streets in Minya due to security situation … [Read more...]

Peace returns to Minya village after skirmishes between Muslims, Copts

Fights break out after Copts try to pray at home with a priest … [Read more...]

Gospel message of love, forgiveness in the face of evil

Copts desire for peace resonates in Egypt after ISIS attacks … [Read more...]

Egyptian Christians fear backlash from Trump’s anti-Muslim policies

Extremists accuse Copts of being affiliated with the US … [Read more...]

Egyptian regime grows more brutal every day

Copts likely to find persecution, not protection, ahead … [Read more...]

Egyptian’s celebrate Coptic Christmas in Cairo

Copts were joined by their Muslim countrymen in a show of solidarity … [Read more...]

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