Coptic Christians cautiously prepare for Orthodox Christmas

As the persecution of Christians in Egypt continues at an alarming pace … [Read more...]

‘With our souls, our blood, we will defend the cross’

Coptic Christians cry out at funerals for seven believers … [Read more...]

Permit to pray: Coptic Christians barred from church in Minya

Christians kicked out of home church for praying without a license … [Read more...]

A new life for the El-Arish widows of Coptic Christians murdered by ISIS

ICC aids three widows and their children with essential supplies … [Read more...]

Interviewer lost for words as terrorism widow forgives

Coptic Christians’ radical forgiveness amazes Muslim TV host … [Read more...]

Why Egypt’s Muslims resent Coptic Christians

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Coptic Christians needed for Middle East peace and stability

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ISIS abducts at least 90 from Assyrian Christian villages in Syria

Following beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Egypt … [Read more...]

Egyptians mourn Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS

Government knew of their capture, but didn’t try to rescue them … [Read more...]

Sad Christmas for families of Egyptian Christians kidnapped in Libya

No news of four Coptic Christians taken off bus on way home … [Read more...]

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