PM hails Azerbaijan cooperation as beacon of Jewish-Muslim coexistence

Azeri leader says his country has bought some $ weapons from Israel … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Fires worse than many forms of terrorism

Says preparation, cooperation saved lives; moots multinational force … [Read more...]

Israel won’t allow Iranian military in Syria, Netanyahu tells Russian PM

Leaders hail cooperation; Medvedev says he feels at home in Israel … [Read more...]

Palestinian-Israeli soccer cooperation makes historic move

Palestinians authorize transfer of two players to Israeli leagues … [Read more...]

Peace with Egypt: hopes, lost chances – and an uncertain future

Sisi will have to choose between more cold peace or cooperation … [Read more...]

In response to new EU guidelines, Ya’alon halts cooperation with EU officials in West Bank

IDF to stop assisting EU projects and will prevent EU reps from entering Gaza via Israel … [Read more...]

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