Convert explains journey to Christianity, and why he left Iran

In Iran, converting to Christianity can land you in prison or even kill you … [Read more...]

Muslim mob chases Pakistani Christians from homes, demanding they convert

Lynch mob acts after imams issue a fatwa against a person’s Facebook video … [Read more...]

For persecuted Mideast Christians, Obama admin tongue-tied on genocide

Most Mideast Christians forced to flee, convert, or be murdered … [Read more...]

Syrian Christians forced to sign ISIS subservience contract or die

Men who refuse to convert will be killed, women and kids will be enslaved … [Read more...]

ISIS crucifies three brothers in Libya

Terrorist group is to hold mass event forcing non-believers to convert … [Read more...]

Christians of Mosul find haven in Jordan from Islamists

Given a day to choose: convert, pay a tax, or be killed … [Read more...]

Escaping ISIS: Iraq’s Christians find refuge at Jordan church

Christians given ultimatum: Convert, leave, or die … [Read more...]

Coptic Christians forced to pay ‘Non-Muslim Submission Tax’

Tax is being forced on any non-Muslim who refuses to convert to Islam … [Read more...]

Assyrian Christians told ‘If you want to come back, convert to Islam, or you will be killed’

Christians report property stolen, homes confiscated, possessions sold for weapons … [Read more...]

Christian arrested for faith released from Iran’s Evin Prison

Ebrahim Firouzi, a twice-arrested convert from Islam, was released on bail after 53 days … [Read more...]

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