Pakistani prosecutor will let Christians out of prison — if they convert to Islam

‘Your freedom or your faith?’ is the question posed to 42 prisoners … [Read more...]

Young Syrian tells of surviving kidnap and torture by Islamic State

‘You can live if you convert to Islam,’ an ISIS judge shouted … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christian: ‘IS made me spit on a cross and convert to Islam’

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Christian heritage site found ransacked after monastery retaken from ISIS

ISIS told Christians: pay a tax, convert to Islam, or die by the sword … [Read more...]

Pakistani Christian students face ‘victimization and religious persecution’

Christian students are coming under pressure to convert to Islam … [Read more...]

Hard times for Christians in ISIS-controlled Iraq

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ISIS hostage feels ‘born again’ after witnessing Christian captives’ strong faith

Syrian priest kept with 250 other Christians who refused to convert … [Read more...]

Assyrian Christians hostages were told to convert to Islam

Some 200 Christians were taken by the Islamist group on February 23 … [Read more...]

ISIS executes 150 women and girls for refusing to become sex slaves

After 4 Iraqi Christian children beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam … [Read more...]

‘Christianity is finished in Iraq,’ says Nineveh priest

ISIS told Christians to convert to Islam or face death by the sword … [Read more...]

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