Liberman: US aid funds PA stipends for killers of Americans

As Congress weighs funding of PA if unity agreement is finalized   … [Read more...]

Congressmen, MKs to push for keeping Jerusalem united

Seven MKs to attend annual Jerusalem Day festivities in Congress … [Read more...]

Obama: Military strike could lead Iran to ‘pursue nukes more vigorously’

Urges Congress to wait on new sanctions; ‘all options still on table’ … [Read more...]

Kerry: Tests prove sarin gas used in Syrian chemical attack

Hopes Congress will ‘do what is right’ and authorize US force … [Read more...]

US court: No ‘Israel’ on passports of American citizens born in Jerusalem

Rules that US president—not lawmakers—has sole authority to say who controls Jerusalem … [Read more...]


Obama has checkmated Netanyahu by announcing his intention to travel to Israel … [Read more...]

Kerry lauds Israel’s decision to release taxes to PA

New secretary pledges to push Congress for funds to help the ailing Palestinian economy … [Read more...]

Hypocritical Protestant churches

Church leaders ignore fact that Israel twice offered PA entire West Bank but were rebuffed … [Read more...]

Protestant churches’ letter on Israel straining ties with US Jews

Jewish groups concerned that Christian support for Israel cannot be taken for granted … [Read more...]

Church leaders urge members of Congress to reconsider US aid to Israel

ADL withdraws from interfaith dialogue, Jewish groups issue bitter protests … [Read more...]

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