Bill giving Congress say on Iran deal passes key Senate hurdle

Obama administration suggests president will not veto bill … [Read more...]

Christians United for Israel acts to block ‘bad’ nuclear deal with Iran

‘Every major arms control deal has been submitted to Congress for approval’ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu to Congress: Deal would lead to a nuclear Iran and inevitable war

Says days are over when Jews remain passive in face of genocidal enemy … [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s speech to Congress is Purim on the Potomac

PM views his destiny is to protect Israel and the future of the Jews … [Read more...]

The constitutional obligation of Congress to shape American foreign policy

Iran deal will trigger nuclear proliferation in Sunni and terrorist world … [Read more...]

Israel seeking additional $300 million from US for missile defense

Officials turn to Congress with request, bypassing White House … [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s address to Congress is the call of the hour

Stopping Iran’s march to nuclear weapons is not an election issue … [Read more...]

The appalling talk of boycotting Netanyahu

Congress must give him the courtesy of listening or violate basic decency … [Read more...]

Israel to ask Congress to stop annual $400m. US aid to Palestinians

US law stipulates cutting PA funding if it acts against Israel at ICC … [Read more...]

Israel under attack

It’s time for Obama and Congress to deal with Palestinian ‘unity’ … [Read more...]

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