Trump, Congress, Christians: Support Israel by moving embassy to Jerusalem

Christians must support a government that gives its citizens freedom … [Read more...]

Fatah unanimously reelects Abbas as party leader

Congress signals future for party, talks with Israel, Hamas reconciliation … [Read more...]

Keep BDS and bigotry away from Capitol Hill

Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is trying to deceive Congress … [Read more...]

ISIS sex slave survivor tells Congress: America must terminate terrorists

Former Yazidi sex slave Nadia Murad escaped in 2014 … [Read more...]

Congress considering safe zone for persecuted Assyrians, Yazidis in Iraq

Displaced Iraqi Christians have no homes to return to … [Read more...]

Congress helps fund attack on Zionism

Zionism has been turned into a stick with which to beat up Israel … [Read more...]

New campaign rallies US Christians to urge Congress to kill Iran deal

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews pushes petition … [Read more...]

Obama: If Congress kills Iran deal, rockets will fall on Tel Aviv

If US forced to attack Iran, Israel will bear the brunt of the response … [Read more...]

ACLJ: Obama ‘broke promise’ to Pastor Abedini’s family with Iran deal

Organization’s petition urges Congress to reject agreement … [Read more...]

Pastor Saeed Abedini’s wife testifies before Congress

'We are a family torn apart,' but 'Jesus hasn't abandoned us' … [Read more...]

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