Uganda bishop asks Christians to pray for peace in South Sudan

Since conflict began some 2 million people have been internally displaced … [Read more...]

Five reasons the UNESCO Hebron decision matters to Israel and the world

The conflict takes a new and alarming turn … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Abbas won’t recognize Jewish state ‘in any borders’

Tells Italian leader conflict is over Palestinians’ aim to destroy Israel … [Read more...]

Myopic State

State Department has distorted view of the reality driving the conflict … [Read more...]

Israel blasts Europe’s ‘colonialist’ peace initiative

EU has no credibility to deal with conflict when it cannot solve its own problems … [Read more...]

The West’s wrongheaded analysis perpetuates the conflict

Israel has been the scapegoat for all the problems of the Middle East … [Read more...]

EU ignores Netanyahu ban, vows to be part of peace process

‘Ending conflict is of interest to the entire international community’ … [Read more...]

Neither side wants war, but that was true last time around, too

Hezbollah, Israel walk a fine line between deterrence and conflict … [Read more...]

The case against ICC’s investigation of Israel

A probe will harm prospects for a peaceful resolution of the conflict … [Read more...]

UN Security Council wasting time on Palestinian gimmicks, Liberman says

FM: Draft resolution by Jordan will only worsen the conflict … [Read more...]

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