Amona residents renew protest as relocation deal falters

Settlers say Netanyahu, Bennett ‘betrayed us’ with compromise … [Read more...]

Non-Orthodox leaders: We won’t compromise further on Western Wall deal

Follows UTJ rejection of common entrance to prayer areas at the site … [Read more...]

Religious university relents, allows gay pride event

After criticism, Bar-Ilan reaches compromise with LGBT group … [Read more...]

New sanctions will improve chance of Iran deal, Israel says

Senior official: Only a crisis in the talks will force Tehran to compromise … [Read more...]

Israel’s mission

We can’t stop Palestinians from choosing violence over compromise … [Read more...]

Abbas swears in unity government despite last-minute difficulties

Joins with Hamas after compromise on Ministry of Prisoner Affairs … [Read more...]

Lapid: Jerusalem is not up for negotiation; city will never be divided

Finance minister says Palestinians will have to compromise … [Read more...]

Netanyahu warns US that a bad Iran deal is worse than no deal

PM airs fears of Iran compromise as he meets Kerry in Rome … [Read more...]

Following US-Russian agreement, Iran will aim for a deal of its own

Compromise on nuclear program may put off a US attack, reduce sanctions … [Read more...]

Likud, Jewish Home said to be nearing coalition deal

As they move toward compromise on conscription, Shas is told it won’t keep Interior and Housing … [Read more...]

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