Negotiations finally over, Netanyahu looks to seal coalition deal

Late Wednesday Bennett negotiates to break the impasse between Netanyahu and Lapid … [Read more...]

Yesh Atid threatens Netanyahu: Education Ministry or no deal

If PM changes course and partners with ultra-Orthodox, he’d still be short of a majority … [Read more...]

Coalition talks held up by battle over Education Ministry

Portfolios so far: Likud, 7; Yisrael Beytenu, 4; Yesh Atid, 4 or 5; Bayit Yehudi, 3; Hatnua, 2 … [Read more...]

Party heads set to hash out final coalition details

Likud, Yesh Atid, Jewish Home said to agree on sanctions on ultra-Orthodox draft dodgers … [Read more...]

Hold the mazal tovs on new coalition, says Bennett

Jewish Home leader likens talks to birth, says negotiations are only ‘two fingers dilated’ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu begins talks for haredi-free government

Shas: Bennett-Lapid bond hating haredim too strong for PM to break … [Read more...]

Sometime in the next 14 days, Netanyahu will cave

The PM wants to stay in power more than he wants to avoid alienating the ultra-Orthodox … [Read more...]

President Obama: Israel’s savior

What would motivate President Obama to invite himself to Jerusalem? … [Read more...]

Likud, Jewish Home said to be nearing coalition deal

As they move toward compromise on conscription, Shas is told it won’t keep Interior and Housing … [Read more...]

Poll: 51% of Israelis want a government without the ultra-Orthodox

44% want the party they chose to compromise, so long as it enters the coalition … [Read more...]

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