Rivlin grants Netanyahu two-week extension to form coalition

PM will have until May 6 to form a government … [Read more...]

Countdown to coalition begins after Rivlin gives PM mandate

Furious Bayit Yehudi accuses Netanyahu of reneging on deal … [Read more...]

Newly named ‘Zionist Camp’ slightly ahead of Likud in new polls

Herzog and Netanyahu might need each other to form a coalition … [Read more...]

Coalition in turmoil after cabinet approves controversial ‘Jewish state bill’

Livni may abstain from vote to save her spot in the coalition … [Read more...]

In the Jewish nation-state kerfuffle, much ado over very little substance

Bill defining Israel’s Jewish status threatens coalition – and for what? … [Read more...]

68 MKs vote to keep Zoabi suspended from Knesset

Opposition and coalition overwhelmingly uphold ban of Balad MK … [Read more...]

Coalition chief heading caucus that seeks to retain entire West Bank

Days after Netanyahu endorses two-state solution, Yariv Levin takes over Greater Israel lobby … [Read more...]

Labor could join government if Arab League proposal adopted

If Bayit Yehudi bolts coalition over Arab initiative, Labor would replace it to back peace plan … [Read more...]

Ultra-Orthodox MKs vent anger in Knesset over exclusion from coalition

In fit of pique, all 7 UTJ MKs leave plenum when Netanyahu reads out Bennett's name … [Read more...]

After 11th-hour hiccup, coalition parties come together

Lapid and Bennett agree to give up on largely symbolic deputy prime minister titles … [Read more...]

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