Liberman warns Assad planning to rebuild large Syrian army after civil war

Lauds Trump's sanctions, saying Tehran using nuke deal to fund terrorism … [Read more...]

Syria: Christians being killed for refusing to deny Jesus, helping victims

Pastor in Syria says country is ‘being torn apart’ in the midst of war … [Read more...]

How Christians in Syria keep the faith amid a civil war

Security Council urged to declare Islamic State committing genocide … [Read more...]

Immigration to Israel hits 10-year high with record French influx

France tops with 7,000 newcomers; Ukrainian numbers triple … [Read more...]

Steven Sotloff’s last article about Syria’s suffering for ‘The Jerusalem Report’

‘The human cost of a savage civil war is becoming increasingly unbearable’ … [Read more...]

IDF paramedic honored for saving Syrians’ lives

Soldier treating victims of civil war wins president’s award … [Read more...]

Giant statue of Jesus seen as ‘miracle’ in height of Syrian war

In the midst of sectarian conflict, giant statue rises during a truce … [Read more...]

Ya’alon: Hezbollah and Global Jihad fighting civil war in Lebanon

Defense minister: Global Jihad tried to provoke Israel by missile attacks … [Read more...]

CIA official says Syria crisis a top threat to US security

‘Volatile mix of al-Qaeda extremism and civil war’ is most pressing world issue, says CIA deputy chief … [Read more...]

Senior Republican senators urge Obama to intervene in Syria

John McCain, Lindsey Graham fear Syrian civil war is escalating out of control … [Read more...]

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