What’s hiding behind attacks on circumcision?

The climate of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hatred is widespread in Europe … [Read more...]

Protect Christians and Jews, says major Catholic-Jewish conference

Parley decries bans on circumcision, animal slaughter, calls for education … [Read more...]

Germany resumes ritual circumcisions after dispute

New legislation protects family's right to circumcision after court ban outraged Germany's Jews, Muslims … [Read more...]

Jews, Muslims, Christians protest against German circumcision ban

300 march in Berlin for religious freedom and decriminalization of circumcision … [Read more...]

German rabbi charged with performing circumcision

Rabbi indicted for committing bodily harm, in first case under new court ruling … [Read more...]

Is German circumcision ban rooted in anti-Semitism?

JERUSALEM (CBN) – A court in Germany has outlawed circumcision and ruled that parents can’t impose their faith on a child. … [Read more...]

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