ISIS took our churches, life, and history

The last remaining bishop in Mosul confronts the terrorist genocide … [Read more...]

Algerian churches still fighting for freedom of worship

Churches face harassment despite law guaranteeing freedom of worship … [Read more...]

Iran-backed militias seize Christian neighborhoods in Baghdad

Militias have seized homes, businesses,cultural sites, and churches … [Read more...]

ISIS blows up homes and churches to punish Christians and dissenters

Target ancient sites, churches, mosques, shrines, tombs, and graves … [Read more...]

Vatican calls to indict Jewish extremist for incitement to burn churches

‘Real danger to churches and Christian communities in Israel’ … [Read more...]

Pakistan arrests 47 Christians for lynching suspected Taliban bomber

Suicide bombers attacked two churches last month, killing 17 people … [Read more...]

ISIS defaces churches in Iraq as assaults on Christian communities continue

Islamists remove crosses, destroy statues, vandalize icons … [Read more...]

ISIS threatens Assyrians in Syria; women and children evacuated

Jihadis remove crosses from churches, say ‘pay tax, leave, or die’ … [Read more...]

The Christian Exodus from the Sinai

Destroyed churches have not been rebuilt, despite government promises … [Read more...]

Syria rebels burn down churches and destroy Christian graves

Insurgents storm Kessab, destroying ancient churches … [Read more...]

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