19-year-old Christian girl sentenced to 20 lashes for wearing slacks in Sudan

12 to face trial for wearing slacks and skirts on way home from church … [Read more...]

ISIS releases 22 Assyrian Christian hostages after ‘tireless work’ by Church

Priest greets weeping captives … [Read more...]

Christians threatened with blasphemy charges if they don’t hand over church

Congregants would rather die than give up church to Pakistani Muslims … [Read more...]

1,500-year-old Byzantine road station and church uncovered near Jerusalem

Archeologists say structures built beside ancient road from coast … [Read more...]

Church commemorating Islamic State Coptic victims attacked in Egypt

Church established in memory of 20 Copts beheaded in Libya by IS … [Read more...]

Egyptian policemen shot outside church day before Coptic Christmas

Coptic Christmas falls on Wednesday this year amid tight security … [Read more...]

Chaldean patriarch: Christians essential to Iraq’s future

Church asks Baghdad to recognize Christmas as a national holiday … [Read more...]

ISIS committing ‘slow-motion genocide’ against church, say Iraqi Christians

Islamic State targeting of all non-Sunni Muslim groups … [Read more...]

As rockets fly, Gaza Christians find refuge at church

Like Muslims, Palestinian Christians are also suffering in this war … [Read more...]

By condemning Israel, Presbyterians condemn themselves

Church demonstrates that it has no moral compass … [Read more...]

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