‘Multitude’ of Egyptians coming to Christ despite persecution from Muslim extremists

Church leaders say Egypt`s Christians remain unwavering in their faith … [Read more...]

Church leaders protest ‘attempt to weaken Christian presence’ in Jerusalem

Call on world leaders to intervene and help protect the status quo … [Read more...]

Middle East Christians flee Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq

Church leaders fear ancient presence in region could soon disappear … [Read more...]

Another church building demolished in Omdurman, Sudan

Authorities gave no prior notice, church leaders say … [Read more...]

Pope to declare two Ottoman-era nuns as first Arabic-speaking saints

Church leaders in Israel and the PA are greatly excited at canonization … [Read more...]

Presbyterian delegation visits SodaStream plant

Leaders say factory ‘enhances’ Israeli-Palestinian relations   … [Read more...]

Christians in Sudan face increased hostility

Despite promises by Sudanese government, church leaders beset by restrictions and hostility … [Read more...]

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