Uganda bishop asks Christians to pray for peace in South Sudan

Since conflict began some 2 million people have been internally displaced … [Read more...]

800 Jews, Christians, Muslims sing ‘One Love’ in Jerusalem

Koolulam mass singing event at Tower of David joins disparate voices … [Read more...]

Christians mark anniversary of 21 Copts beheaded by ISIS with church opening

The Church of the Libyan Martyrs is dedicated to their memory … [Read more...]

Guatemala’s leaders join Jews, Christians in Israel embrace

'Moment of history' as President Morales, Evangelicals join in … [Read more...]

The bureaucracy of evil: How Islamic State ran a city and what this meant for Christians

Beside terrorism, ISIS streamlined garbage collection and smart electricity meters … [Read more...]

Christians bringing Bible study to the Knesset

Some Israeli Jews are skeptical … [Read more...]

Christians, Muslims unite to protest against Myanmar’s Rohingya crisis

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims flee ethnic cleansing … [Read more...]

Christians not strangers to Middle East, but its ‘Beacon of Truth’

Hundreds of Iraqi Christian families forced to flee again … [Read more...]

Christian Zionism and the Balfour Declaration

Christians who are zealous in their support of Israel … [Read more...]

Iraqi-Kurdish violence could push Christians who survived ISIS ‘to flee for good’

Fresh large-scale fighting could further drain the region of Christians … [Read more...]

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