Christians, Muslims, Jews break bread in interfaith Morocco initiative

Children of Abraham sit at the dinner table for a mouthful of kindness … [Read more...]

Christians face even more trying times in Egypt during Ramadan

Muslims tend to be stricter and less tolerant at this time of the year … [Read more...]

Star-struck Trump promises peace push after ‘fantastic’ pope meeting

Vatican: president and pontiff oppose abortion, persecution of Christians … [Read more...]

Christians will have a future in Syria if ISIS can be defeated

Some 400,000 people have died in Syria's six-year conflict … [Read more...]

Vicar of Baghdad: Christians must engage and love Muslims

Notes after London attack that '99.9%' of them are not terrorists … [Read more...]

Census 2017 will not benefit Christians in due share in Pakistan

No reserved seats for minorities increased proportional to population … [Read more...]

Christians are genocide victims and should get priority in refugee order

ISIS releases video calling for full elimination of Christianity in Egypt … [Read more...]

Trump, Congress, Christians: Support Israel by moving embassy to Jerusalem

Christians must support a government that gives its citizens freedom … [Read more...]

Persecuted Burmese Christians risk death to help victims of ISIS

Christians who felt God's call come all the way from Asia … [Read more...]

Syria: Christians being killed for refusing to deny Jesus, helping victims

Pastor in Syria says country is ‘being torn apart’ in the midst of war … [Read more...]

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