80 Muslim refugees in Germany baptized into Christianity despite Islamist attacks

Woman convert: To be a Christian means happiness to me … [Read more...]

Christian genocide

Christianity will disappear from Iraq, Syria in two generations … [Read more...]

Christianity on the brink?

Christian presence in Middle East may disappear in a decade or sooner … [Read more...]

Christianity facing Middle East purge within decade, says group

‘Last Christmas was first time in 2,000 years bells did not ring in Mosul’ … [Read more...]

In rare moment Obama invokes Christianity in public speech

At Easter prayer breakfast: Christianity is strong influence in my life … [Read more...]

The rabbinate’s animosity toward Christianity

Israel must be founded upon respect for all faiths and Jewish diversity … [Read more...]

Iraq’s quiet Christian genocide

2,000 years of Christianity have been nearly eliminated from Iraq … [Read more...]

Syrian Christians: ‘Help us to stay – stop arming terrorists’

Christianity being extinguished in land of its birth and West is to blame … [Read more...]

Christianity will live on in Iraq

Despite centuries of persecution, violence rarely has the last word … [Read more...]

Meriam Ibrahim says faith kept her alive after death sentence for Christianity

‘Faith means life. If you don't have faith, you are not alive’ … [Read more...]

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