Rabbis, priests, imams say protecting rainforests no joke

Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist representatives meet … [Read more...]

Hummus joints holding Ramallah’s Christian and Muslim communities together

About a quarter of Ramallah’s 30,000 residents are Christian … [Read more...]

Another Christian accused of committing blasphemy in Pakistan

Arrested for sending alleged blasphemous message on WhatsApp … [Read more...]

Tambourine in hand, a Christian wakes up Acre’s Muslims for Ramadan

Michel Ayoub rises at 2 each morning to reach out to Muslim brothers … [Read more...]

Can a Christian be mayor of Lahore?

In eight years, how many laws gave equal rights to all Pakistanis? … [Read more...]

The real war on women

It’s being waged against Christian, Yazidi, and Shia Muslim women by ISIS … [Read more...]

2015 was the worst year for Christian persecution, says Open Doors

Iraq second most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian … [Read more...]

ISIS executes three Assyrian Christians but apparently no one cares

Does the world ignore because they are Christian, Assyrian or both? … [Read more...]

Christian Asia Bibi living in ‘hell hole’ in Pakistan prison

The most famous Pakistani prisoner is the only woman on death row … [Read more...]

Jewish holy sites in Israel desecrated more than Christian, Muslim ones

Since 2011, 52% of sites attacked have been Jewish … [Read more...]

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