Christian Zionism and the Balfour Declaration

Christians who are zealous in their support of Israel … [Read more...]

An academic case for Christian Zionism

It is a movement rooted in traditions as old as the Church itself … [Read more...]

The Yasser Arafat School of Public Relations

Christian Zionism is on the rise, growing in both size and influence … [Read more...]

Canada’s Anglican Church asks members to educate themselves about settlements

‘Challenge beliefs, such as Christian Zionism, that support Israel’s occupation of Palestine’ … [Read more...]

Christian Zionism and Islamic eschatology

Christian Zionism perceived in Middle East as more powerful than Israel and as evil … [Read more...]

Is Christian Zionism compatible with the two-state solution?

Those who truly seek Israel's best interests should listen to the Israelis … [Read more...]

Christian Zionism: an overdue reality check

We often find ourselves laboring against anti-Christian myths … [Read more...]

The bridge builder

By DANIEL K. EISENBUD (The Jerusalem Post) Over 30 years ago, Dr. Mike Evans – a devout American-Christian Zionist leader, multiple New York Times best-selling author and renowned Middle East … [Read more...]

Mike Evans: Who is Israel’s real founding father?

Question: Who was the most important person used by God to found the State of Israel? A. Harry Truman, the thirty-third president of theUnited Statesand the one who recognized the State of … [Read more...]

Palestinians to Evangelicals: Zionism is a sin

By ABRAHAM COOPER and YITZCHOK ADLERSTEIN In announcing the push for recognition of a unilaterally declared Palestinian state, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told the UN General … [Read more...]

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