Trump sending Christian refugees back to Iran like ‘death sentence’

US may deport 100 Christians to Islamic Republic later this week … [Read more...]

743 Christian refugees, converts attacked by Muslims in German camps

Situation of Christian refugees in German shelters unbearable … [Read more...]

Why we don’t see more Christian refugees

Christian victims are ignored by President Obama and the media … [Read more...]

More Christian refugees resettled in US in last decade than any other religion

But nation continues to resettle fewer Syrian Christians than Muslims … [Read more...]

Christian refugees face death threats from Muslims in camps

German churches urge protection for Christians and Yazidis … [Read more...]

Still blocking the way for Christian refugees

Of 1,037 Syrian refugees admitted to US in May, two were Christians … [Read more...]

Are Christian refugees worse off than Muslim refugees?

West doesn't understand plight of Christian refugees, says priest   … [Read more...]

Paris attacks are bad news for Christian refugees

But they are looking for a resolution to their homelessness … [Read more...]

US accepts only five Syrian Christian refugees since October

Christian refugees are 1.6 percent of total number of arrivals this year … [Read more...]

Obama’s ‘shameful’ policy toward Middle Eastern Christians

He called ‘shameful’ the bid to give special treatment to Christians … [Read more...]

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