Muslim, Christian leaders denounce terrorism at Egypt peace conference

Grand Imam Dr. Ahmad Al-Tayyeb denounces violence in the name of God … [Read more...]

Christian leaders question Trump’s promise to favor Christian refugees

Some say refugee ban challenges ethic of welcoming the stranger … [Read more...]

Three Christian leaders from the Middle East denied entry to the UK

Archbishops from Iraq and Syria barred from meeting Prince Charles … [Read more...]

Christian leaders: Muslims have no right to impose conditions in Pakistan

Center for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement tackles blasphemy issue … [Read more...]

Thousands rally for peace at torched Church of Loaves and Fishes

Christian leaders call for coexistence in massive demonstration … [Read more...]

Christian leaders in Jerusalem and US endorse peacemaking

CMEP seeks more signatories to March letter to Kerry … [Read more...]

Christian support for Israel

Mainstream Christian leaders sometimes make headlines by bashing Israel … [Read more...]

US Christian leaders in Israel to study Judaism

Initiative aimed at deepening their understanding of Jewish people … [Read more...]

Future US Christian leaders experience Israel

Program gives outstanding Christian collegians tools to combat anti-Semitism … [Read more...]

Christian leaders urge control over arms and ammunitions in UN treaty

Seek to reduce genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, terrorist acts … [Read more...]

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