Former Hamas successor to AIPAC: Christ taught me to love your enemy

‘What is a son of a Hamas leader doing in a big Jewish event?’ … [Read more...]

Sudanese Christian mother Meriam Ibrahim to receive NRB award

Cited for showing 'what it means to not be ashamed of Christ' … [Read more...]

Mounira: threatened with death because of Christ

Christian mother beaten, divorced, and abandoned because of her faith … [Read more...]

Pastor Saeed given ultimatum: ‘Deny Christ or else you will not be released from prison’

His response: ‘It is through suffering and tribulations that we are to enter the Kingdom of God’ … [Read more...]

Iranian Christian convert pays for faith with 105 days in Evin Prison

Convert from Islam reflects on the cost of following Christ … [Read more...]

Living in the fog

Secular humanists have fanned the flames of narcissism, hedonism, and self-gratification … [Read more...]

Death for preaching Christ in ‘liberated’ Libya

Four foreign Christians were arrested for being missionaries, a charge punishable by death … [Read more...]

Egypt’s Coptic leader: Christians are not a minority in terms of value to the nation

‘We are part of the soil of this nation, an extension of the pharaohs and the age before Christ’ … [Read more...]

Worshiping Jesus in the mosque

What it's like to follow Christ while embedded in Muslim culture … [Read more...]

Dreams, visions moving Muslims to Christ

The phenomenon of dreams and visions has surfaced throughout the Muslim world (Flash90). … [Read more...]

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