Islamic State has used chemical weapons 71 times, group charges

Analysts warn liberation forces could face chlorine and mustard gas attacks … [Read more...]

Concern in North: ISIS cells in Golan could use chemical weapons

There are numerous reports of ISIS using chemical weapons in battle … [Read more...]

Footage of Syrian gas attack deaths brings UN Security Council to tears

Syrian government has repeatedly denied using chemical weapons … [Read more...]

Syria reportedly kept ‘significant’ chemical weapons

IDF says Damascus still has combat-ready chemical arms … [Read more...]

Egyptian policeman killed, three wounded in twin suicide Sinai bombings

Second policeman killed in third Brotherhood bombing in Cairo … [Read more...]

‘Most dangerous’ chemical arms to be out of Syria by year’s end

US Navy to neutralize lethal material; Assad implicated in war crimes … [Read more...]

US official: Syria may try to hide chemical weapons

UN envoy Power: US skeptical of Syria WMDs declaration … [Read more...]

Syria reportedly destroys chemical production facilities it disclosed

OPCW teams have inspected 21 of 23 declared WMDs sites … [Read more...]

Assad: Chemical arms no longer needed against Israel

Syrian president says military modified to fight insurgency, not Israel … [Read more...]

Saudi paper: Hezbollah’s long-range missiles can carry chemical weapons

Assad moved weapons with help of Iranians, who also built launch pads … [Read more...]

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